About Us 

How about a little information on BlueAngel Productions. Please read as much as you can stand. This page will not be as formal as the rest of the site as we like our customers to feel like they know a little bit about us before they trust us with their thoughts, materials, and of course, their hard earned cash.

  We enjoy this work and DO give more than we receive on most occasions. We started out just doing these projects for our families. We have since received enough work locally to make this a worthy venture (and a potential ADventure). As more and more people get computers and get on the internet, there will be more demand for Personal media development. The time is coming very soon when you wont be anybody without a Home Page (haven't you seen THAT commercial on TV?).
"The new Home Page is coming! The new Home Page is coming! Now I AM somebody." (The Jerk).

The nice thing is that as we do, we learn. That is a bonus that we happily except. This allows us to do a better job for YOU.

Again, any questions, constructive feedback, or you just want to say hi BlueAngel, email us.