Have you ever had a big event to plan for? Were the participants scattered all over the Universe? Or, how about the day after you sent out the announcements, something changed? A lot of problems involved with a big shindig. And, for REAL customized announcement, price can be a REAL disappointment for what you get.

With an E-Announcement (we made that up ourselves), you can personalize it with themes and effects that you can't do on paper. You can add directional maps to the event, updateable contact lists, auto RSVP, photos, poems, etc. It's much faster than snail mail and it won't get lost on the kitchen counter. There is SO MUCH you can do with this idea.

 Now, we are not saying that this will replace traditional announcements. It can supplement them. Put the web address on the paper announcement. It shows your creativity. It adds a touch of class. It says that you are modern and chic. It really is so kewl!

It doesn't have to be a big event. Use them for ANY event. Parties, seminars, rendezvous' at the watering hole, etc. Your imagination is the only limit. We will help you put ideas into reality.

The finished product can either be put on your site, or we will host it for a predetermined time. They're not very expensive, and they are usually finished and ready in a couple days. Questions?  E-mail us.