E-Cards have been pretty popular. There's a lot of sites on the internet that offer "free" and "customizable" e-cards. Not so free considering that they have advertising on them, AND they get your personal information AND the recipients E-mail address (can you say Spam Me, Please?). Customizable is a joke. They are NOT Personal as thousands of other people get the same basic thing with the same dry "punch line".

Our E-Cards offer real Personal customization. They are a little more expensive than free, even more than a Hallmark, but the piece of "you" that you send is priceless. A friend said "people don't remember you for what you said, they remember you for how you made them feel" We think that is for real. The mere fact that you thought enough about them to give them "you", is overwhelming. Don't you feel that the bunny (?) drawn in crayon on notepaper is just glorious, especially when your little 3 year old did it "just for you"? When you were little, did your mother make cookies during the day, and when you got home there was a "special" one, with red icing, "just for you"? Doesn't it feel good knowing someone cares so much "just for you"?

Do you think anybody ever really loses that feeling?

Try it, you'll like it.

We can help put your ideas and feelings into reality. Use them for any occasion, or any non occasion. Just to show you are thinking of them. You can put the finished product on your site, or we can host it for a predetermined time. Of course, you'll get it forever, as we will send you the finished item in a stand alone version to have, always.