CD/DVD Media 

Photo Albums. Do you have old photos scattered everywhere? Or do you have book albums stacking up in the closets? Is it getting harder to keep them organized? Is it a real pain when you want to show them? Wouldn't you like to be able to keep sets in a theme based album? And have hundreds fit in your hand? Be able to send copies to all of the family so that everyone has a copy of Grand Ma kissing Santa Clause back in '05? Or the mess the new kitty made out of the toilet paper this morning?

Have you noticed that those treasured photos are turning yellow, cracking, or getting deformed? Want to preserve them for your grandkids, and their grandkids? Or, just plain get more enjoyment from your memories?

With our CD/DVD's, you can have all of the above. Albums with actual high resolution printing capabilities. Slideshows and screensavers with music and video clips. You can have Web albums and Web Slideshows, with music, that can be played right from the CD/DVD, or be uploaded to your Web site , as is, to provide the world with pictures of your anniversary, reunion, new born, etc.

If you want a particular theme, send us what you have in mind and we will return 2-3 samples of our ideas of what you want. The better you can express it in writing, the better our results will be for you. Personalize it, Baby!

If you have a way to scan your photos, you can upload them to our ftp server so we can access them. Or you can send them to us for scanning and touch up using our professional software. We can do wonders for old photos.

CD/DVD's come with jewel case and custom labels that give them that professional look. Without the professional costs . Prices are estimated on labor time at $25.00 hr. The more elaborate the CD, the more it costs. But what are those irreplaceable photos worth to you? Most places will charge $50-60 hr plus materials.