Web Sites 

We can build YOU a Personal Web Site. What ever you have in mind, we can probably do it. This site doesn't have a lot of extras, as we try to cater to the bandwidth challenged as well as the speed demons. That doesn't mean that we can't put some "glitz" on it, though. If you can express yourself well, we can probably get it right for you.
 Email us with your idea, and we will send back a couple of quick samples based on your description. If you like one of them, we will work out the details and you will get an estimate according to the work involved.

If we do a site for you, we do have some web space available to host small sites for a while, but not on the long term. We usually put them up long enough to make sure you like the job. Most ISP's include some space when you sign up. We can move your site to your space for you, if you give the required info.

We are now doing Business sites! But, we cannot host longer than it takes to test and approve it.